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Michael Jackson's Fantastic Signature


Michael Jackson had a complex personality. It is doubtful whether anyone - besides his family and those who were closest to him - were able to understand him  properly.

For those of us who have only seen him on shows and on TV and through the eyes of paparazzi - it helps to be able to study his handwriting in order to get some insight into the personality of this amazing celebrity.

There are a number of samples of his handwriting from his early days that we could study but it is probably more interesting to examine two of  his signatures from different periods in his life.

We need to bear in mind that a signature is a symbol of an individual's personality - something like a personal logo. (See Signatures)

And because we all change with time, our signatures change along with us.

That is why we will be looking at two of Michael Jackson's signatures - one from an earlier period and the second from a more recent time in his life.

Here is one of his earlier signatures:

Michael Jackson's early signature

You will see how it started off as being rather simple and practical.

The words are legible and easy to read. Each letter is easily identifiable.

But his later signature is very different and shows a big personality change.

Take a look at the following signature and see how it became more delicate, fragile and ethereal.  It was in fact expressing these elements as they were emerging in his personality.


Michael Jackson's later signature

You'll soon see that the most striking thing about it is the huge discrepancy between the body of the signature and the soaring upper zone that seemed to touch the stratosphere of his ambitions.

And then note how it plummets from great heights into great depths as well. Depression and euphoria were never far away. Note also how some of the lines lean to the left - a recoiling gesture from what he found difficult to face.

His tragedy was that his real life and his fantasy life could never come together. They were poles apart.

The tiny body of the signature reflects his dissatisfaction with his ordinary, earth-bound self while the soaring upper zone reflects his boundless aspirations. It was all about the things he wanted to do, the things that he still hoped to achieve.

But his aspirations were so high that they caused him to lose touch with reality and inhabit more and more a strange world of fantasy. He poured his whole being into this world of fantasy until it became his reality.

And then look at that great circle which takes centre stage in his signature.  Could this be the symbolic expression of his all-consuming love of dance? It’s as if he feels that music and dance can bring everything together.

But Michael Jackson’s amazing success was not only due to his musical and dancing talent. It was a personality thing as well.

His remarkable versatility, his physical, mental and emotional agility, his soaring aspirations and his driving ambition helped him to become the legend that he was.

He redesigned and changed everything from his physical appearance to the very environment he wished to live in.  Neverland was the epitome of the dream world that he wished to inhabit.

However, he couldn't consciously alter his signature and that is why it reveals so much.

And so we find that Michael Jackson's signature is the expression of his ambitions, his desires and his dreams –  But also of his fears.

If you would like to know more about signatures and the messages in handwriting check out The Meaning of Signatures





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