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The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

Creating the Portrait

The Mark of Genius

Relationship Secrets

School Bullying


Learn handwriting analysis with online courses and e-books

The Mark of Genius

How to find the signs of Giftedness in any handwriting


Spot the Genius in your handwriting!

Most people think of geniuses as intellectual giants.  But genius is not confined to intelligence and intellectual ability alone.

There are gifted people in all kinds of fields such as art, literature, science, music, technology, finance, sport and more. 

Youíll find that in any field of endeavour, genius is directly related to creativity in its broadest sense.

Because both genius and creativity are about new ways of thinking and doing things.  

Of course we canít all be geniuses.  But each and every one of us has a spark of creativity within us. 

We only need to find that spark so that we can coax it into a flame. 

If you can discover where your real creativity lies you'll be able to raise your level of achievement exponentially. 

Unfortunately, most of us donít have the faintest clue as to what our real talents and abilities are. We donít even have a clear picture of our own personal strengths.   

So itís sad that instead of focusing on our strong points, we turn ourselves inside out trying to ramp up our weak areas. 

Playing to your strengths is such a simple concept.  But itís truly magical in its effect.  It can turn you into a flyer. 

But how can you play to your strengths if you donít know what they are? 

The good news is that you can find out all about your strengths directly from your handwriting. 

You only have to know how to read the signs.   

Does this mean that youíll need to take a full course in handwriting analysis? 

Fortunately not!

But you will need a guide to take you through a range of handwriting samples so that you can see for yourself where the rich lodes of talent hide like nuggets of gold.

This is where ďThe Mark of GeniusĒ is so helpful.  Itís specifically designed to help you identify talents, skills, creativity, and intelligence in your own or in any other handwriting.The Mark of Genius

In "The Mark of Genius" youíll find fascinating explanations of the handwriting samples of some of the most famous geniuses of all time.

These samples are the handwritings not only of accepted geniuses but also of all kinds of highly gifted people.  

You will learn step by step exactly how to spot that elusive spark of genius in each of them.

Not only will you find it totally enthralling - youíll also find it a breeze! 

By the time youíve gone through this guide youíll be able to identify the signs of genius, talent and creativity all by yourself.

More importantly, youíll have a permanent skill that youíll be able to use time and time again. This is valuable information that youíll always have at your fingertips.


In "The Mark of Genius"

Youíll learn how to -

Identify obvious signs of intelligence in your own or any other handwriting

See if originality and  individuality are present as these are important aspects of inventiveness and creative thinking

See if there are signs of fearlessness and moral courage because these mark the person gifted with an entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit

Identify the signs of an active and fertile imagination which are important elements of genius. (Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge)

See those emotions and feelings that fire the mind and inspire the flame of creativity

Find out if the handwriting shows the passion and mental energy which are the hallmarks of creativity.


Imagine if you could discover all this and more in one book!  What would it mean to you to have access to such priceless information? Valuable information not only about yourself but about other people too.  

Well, you can get every bit of this information right now.  All you need to do is follow the easy step-by-step instructions in ďThe Mark of GeniusĒ.   


The Mark of Genius

The Mark of GeniusĒ is a unique guide that is dedicated to showing you exactly how to find giftedness, talent and creativity in handwriting.

You won't find another book like this anywhere.

Try it! Youíll be fascinated with the amazing information youíll soon be able to access.


"The Mark of Genius" is exclusive to Graphic Insight and is only available as an ebook. 

Download it right now onto your computer where you can read it or print it out at your convenience. All this information can be in your hands in minutes.


Get it now for only $39.95.






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