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The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

Creating the Portrait

The Mark of Genius


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 Learn Handwriting Analysis with
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The Graphic Insight Course has a unique approach that's specially designed to give you a working knowledge of handwriting analysis. 

It's a thoroughly hands-on and practical course. Packed with valuable information and fascinating insights it gives you the ability to understand all kinds of people - even the most difficult! 

The course will show you how to check handwriting for moods and emotions, for intelligence and talent, for personality types and even for compatibility and relationship problems.  

You'll learn how to collect the clues from a sample of handwriting and then you'll be shown - step by step - how to put everything together so that you'll be able to describe anyone with remarkable accuracy.  

You'll be given a foolproof method that will enable you to see into people's personalities and motives.  And  you'll learn how to create meaningful personality descriptions any time you want.  

What is so special about the Graphic Insight Course?

If youíve ever tried to study handwriting analysis before, you may have learnt how to identify a number of handwriting signs. 

There are many books and courses that teach you how to do this.

In actual fact, collecting signs from a piece of handwriting is quite simple.  You can collect sign after sign till your head spins.

So what's the Problem?

The problem with this is that somehow, you always end up with a pile of useless signs that you canít make head or tail out of. You are left staring at a list of what really amounts to unrelated gibberish.

Itís completely useless to you because it doesnít describe anyone. And it never will! It will remain a list no matter which way you read it Ė up or down.

So you have this dilemma: after you have collected all the clues from your handwriting sample - what exactly do you do with them? 

Iím sure that many budding analysts have faced this problem time and time again. And do you know what? Itís precisely at this point that they give up.

In my opinion this is the greatest shortcoming of the books and courses that Iíve studied. (And Iíve read and studied many.) They simply donít tell you what to do with the data.

They presume that youíll build a load of great personality reports some time in the future and so they leave this part entirely up to you!

A Fail Proof Recipe

Obviously youíd love to be able to quickly whip all these signs and symbols into shape to create a real in-depth personality report. 

And youíd probably love it even more if you had a ďrecipeĒ that would help you to repeat the process every time you wanted to examine someoneís handwriting.


Not at all!  This is exactly what my course will enable you to do. 

You see, I can provide you with a fantastic system that is fail proof. 

It will help you to organize your data into a meaningful and accurate personality report every time. And furthermore, itís a system that youíll be able to use over and over again.

Instead of battling with pages of unrelated signs and clues, youíll have this amazing step by step set of guidelines to follow. Itís an absolutely foolproof method and itís a total win.

A Step-by-Step Fail Proof System

In the first part of the course I show you what information to collect from your handwriting sample. 

Then when you have mastered this, youíll learn exactly how to use your data to construct a stunningly realistic personality report. Itís as simple as following a recipe step by step. 

Iím confident that this is the answer for anyone who wants to learn handwriting analysis. 

You see, I have the experience and the know-how to provide you with such a system.  After all, Iíve been involved with handwriting analysis for over 27 years and during that time I have studied many Graphology systems.

So I have zoomed in to all the problems and have provided solutions for you with my course.

And wait till you see the fascinating handwriting samples!

When you see how closely they tie in with the biographies of these people youíll experience a ďeurekaĒ moment of discovery! 

Itís an inspiring course and I know youíll love it. Youíll be getting a most valuable lifetime skill.

 For the full 12 Module Course go to  Learn Handwriting Analysis; A Course in Graphology      



4 The Hidden Meaning of HandwritingThe Hidden Meaning of Handwriting will show you how to identify and understand the various clues in any handwriting. It will give you a firm foundation in handwriting analysis and help you to uncover the real meaning of any handwriting. $39.95

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2 Creating the Portrait - a Step-by-Step GuideCreating the Portrait Once you have learnt how to identify the clues in the handwriting sample, "Creating the Portrait" will show you exactly how to create a personality description. It's a step-by-step guide with a non-fail method for creating meaningful personality reports time and time again. $39.95




3. The Mark of Genius  is an illustrated study of intelligence and giftedness in handwriting.  You'll learn how to identify the signs of intelligence, creativity and special talents in your own or any other handwriting.  It contains many handwriting samples of highly gifted people to illustrate their special qualities.$39.95






4 Relationship Secrets Relationship Secrets in Handwriting   is guaranteed to give you new insights that may very well change the way you look at relationships forever. Learn how to explore compatibility in your own or in any other relationship. $39.95





A Graphology Showcase5 A Graphology Showcase
Articles tips and fascinating information about handwriting analysis from 12 issues of the popular online newsletter, "The Graphology Review. $19.95 " 




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