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The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

Creating the Portrait

The Mark of Genius

Relationship Secrets


School Bullying


Learn handwriting analysis with online courses and e-books

The Handwriting Analysis Course


A Complete Step-by-Step Course in Handwriting Analysis
suitable for home study


You'll find The Graphic Insight Course completely different from any other handwriting analysis course you've seen.  It's packed with new and innovative methods and can truly be described as a ground-breaking study program! 

The unique system used in the course comes from many years of experience with graphology.  

The result is a very hands-on Step-by-Step Guide that will get you up and running very quickly.  You'll be surprised  at how soon you'll be able to apply this cutting-edge information to your own handwriting or any other handwriting that you wish to investigate. 

You'll learn what to do from the very first clue in a sample of handwriting right up to the finished report.  And most importantly, you'll be shown how to put everything together in an easy and logical way.  

You'll learn a foolproof method that will enable you to create meaningful reports time and time again.  


For the full 12 Module Course go to Learn Handwriting Analysis; A Course in Graphology  

You'll learn how to:

  • discover the real personality of someone who may hiding behind a facade of pretence  

  • recognize intelligence and talent in handwriting  

  • check relationships for compatibility  

  • check any handwriting for self-esteem  

  • understand the moods and emotions reflected in the handwriting  

  • recognize different types  of personality and explore your own personality type  

  • detect ambition, drive and potential for success  

  • use the eight keys of personality to discover the mainstay of any character  

  • And much more


The ability to analyze handwriting is a permanent asset. It's a life-long interest. You can also turn it into a rewarding career.

Not only does it allow you to grow as a person but it will give you a special understanding of people that you can carry with you always wherever you go. 

You'll see your friends and family and your relationships in a  completely new light.  You'll even be able to penetrate the motives of the most difficult of people.

The real value of insight like this can never be measured.   But fortunately it can be learnt and you can start to acquire that special insight right now.

The course is power packed with all the information you will need to get you off the mark in no time.  But it's also to the point and punchy with no padding and no unnecessary details to confuse you. 



1 The Hidden Meaning of HandwritingThe Hidden Meaning of Handwriting will show you how to identify and understand the various clues in any handwriting. It will give you a firm foundation in handwriting analysis and help you to uncover the real meaning of any handwriting. $39.95

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2 Creating the Portrait - a Step-by-Step GuideCreating the Portrait Once you have learnt how to identify the clues in the handwriting sample, "Creating the Portrait" will show you exactly how to create a personality description. It's a step-by-step guide with a non-fail method for creating meaningful personality reports time and time again. $39.95  




3. The Mark of Genius  is an illustrated study of intelligence and giftedness in handwriting.  You'll learn how to identify the signs of intelligence, creativity and special talents in your own or any other handwriting.  It contains many handwriting samples of highly gifted people to illustrate their special qualities.   $39.95





4 Relationship Secrets in Handwriting  will give you a completely new perspective on relationship problems. As a handwriting analyst you will be called upon for relationship advice.   "Relationship Secrets in Handwriting" will teach you unique methods that will enable you to check compatibility and identify relationship problems with ease. $39.95  






A Graphology Showcase5 A Graphology Showcase
Articles tips and fascinating information about handwriting analysis from 12 issues of the popular online newsletter, "The Graphology Review."  $19.95






6 School Bullying 
How parents, teachers and students can use handwriting analysis to help them deal with bullying in schools.  Find out how to identify the handwritings of bullies as well as the victims of bullying.  $19.95


Please Note

These are digital books exclusive to Graphic Insight.  They are available online and can be accessed immediately.




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