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Learn handwriting analysis with online courses and e-books

 Handwriting Analysis Courses and ebooks


Graphology Courses and e-books
from Graphic Insight


The following books about handwriting analysis are available from Graphic Insight in PDF format only and are ready to be downloaded to your computer instantly:



1 The Hidden Meaning of HandwritingThe Hidden Meaning of Handwriting will show you how to identify and understand the various clues in any handwriting. It will give you a firm foundation in handwriting analysis and help you to uncover the real meaning of any handwriting. $39.95

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2 Creating the Portrait - a Step-by-Step GuideCreating the Portrait Once you have learnt how to identify the clues in the handwriting sample, "Creating the Portrait" will show you exactly how to create a personality description. It's a step-by-step guide with a non-fail method for creating meaningful personality reports time and time again. $39.95




3. The Mark of Genius  is an illustrated study of intelligence and giftedness in handwriting.  You'll learn how to identify the signs of intelligence, creativity and special talents in your own or any other handwriting.  It contains many handwriting samples of highly gifted people to illustrate their special qualities.$39.95






4 Relationship Secrets Relationship Secrets in Handwriting   is guaranteed to give you new insights that may very well change the way you look at relationships forever. Learn how to explore compatibility in your own or in any other relationship. $39.95





A Graphology Showcase5 A Graphology Showcase
Articles tips and fascinating information about handwriting analysis from 12 issues of the popular online newsletter, "The Graphology Review. $19.95 " 




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Graphic Insight books and courses are obtainable only as digital products and are exclusive to Graphic Insight.  They are available online and can be accessed immediately.




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