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The Personality Centre

Your handwriting reveals a remarkable amount of information about your personality.  Take a look!


Did you realize that your handwriting is your personal logo?  It's the stamp of your unique personality on paper. 

You really should get to know more about it - because it reveals so much about you. 

Your unique qualities are just lying under the surface waiting to be discovered. You can easily identify them yourself. And that is only the beginning.

In this section, you'll discover how your handwriting can help you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your emotions and your personal strengths and weaknesses. Take a look!


How Unique are you? Discover the special qualities that make you unique and different from other people.

What handwriting reveals How to see people the way they are, warts and all. No matter what pretences people put up, you’ll be able to see through them.

Personality Types Learn about the different types of personality and discover the category that you belong to.

Feelings & Emotions If you write while you are feeling upset or anxious, your feeling of anxiety will show up in the strokes of your letters. Find out how to recognize different emotions in your handwriting.

Low Self-esteem Discover your strong points and learn how you can banish low self-esteem.

The Face Behind the Mask Don't be deceived by pretences. Find out how to sweep aside the bluff and discover the real person behind the mask.

Jealousy How to detect the signs of jealousy in handwriting

Personality Games & Tests

A Fun Personality Game: Try the "Bird-Horse-Muffin Test" and find out if you have the qualities of a bird, a horse or a muffin.  Be sure not to dismiss it too quickly. It works!

The Lion-Mouse personality quiz Are you a leader? Do you have the personality qualities of a lion or a mouse?  Don't be deceived. Appearances may be deceptive.

A Personality Test - specially for relationships. Find out what your handwriting tells you about the way you conduct your relationships.





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Tips and secrets to give you insight into the real hidden meaning of your handwriting.

Personality    Relationships     Famous People     Graphology Info     Courses, Books     Free Newsletter