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The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

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School Bullying


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School Bullying

Don't let your Child be a Silent Victim

Important  information for parents and teachers
about bullying in schools

Bullying is far from harmless teasing.  It's vicious and hurtful and it makes the lives of children a living hell at school. 

And what is even worse; it can cause lasting psychological damage.

Did you know that bullying in schools is one of the greatest causes of depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and psychological problems among school-going children?

Did you know that a new word has been coined for suicide as a result of bullying – it's known as "bullicide."

But that isn't all.  There's also something called -


Cyber-bullying is a sophisticated form of bullying that takes full advantage of our latest technologies.

It's being conducted day and night over the internet with email, voice mail, and video. 

Right now, some bully out there is frightening a child with a home-made, menacing video that he has published freely on YouTube - and of course, without any restrictions.

The implications are shocking.


A child who feels shy or insecure is easy prey for victimization. And it’s an unfortunate fact that bullies have an uncanny ability to sniff this out.

So while your child is learning to cope with the demanding social and academic pressures of school he or she may also be contending with humiliation and victimization on a daily basis.

Children don't know how to cope with this by themselves. And they won’t talk about it either because they are afraid to make things worse. 


Wouldn’t you want to know if your child was being victimized? And wouldn’t you want to have as much information as possible about the thug who was bullying your child? 

The solution to this may seem strange but it works and it's effective! You'll find that you can get an amazing amount of information about a bully and his mindset directly from his handwriting.

I realize that not everyone knows how to analyze handwriting, so I wrote "School Bullying" with the express purpose of helping you to get to the important information quickly and easily.

"School Bullying" has just enough detail for you to get the necessary know-how so that you can spot a troublemaker simply by looking at his handwriting.

Not  only will it help you to understand the devious workings of a bully's mind; it will also help you to see beyond his seemingly innocent appearance so that you can zoom in to the real truth.

Obviously, this is carefully concealed information that he would prefer to  keep hidden. But you will find out how to access it.  And once you know how, you’ll be in the driver’s seat.


Here is just a small sampling of what you will get in the book:

  • A Blueprint for discovering the 10 red flags in handwriting that will warn you about the presence of bullying

  • An amazingly simple recipe for identifying violence in handwriting

  • A sure-fire way to recognize one of the most revealing hallmarks of a bully - and discover its dangerous implications.

  • A simple method to find out what type of child is most likely to be bullied

  • How to recognize the child who puts up a sign that says "kick me" - and discover the most important factors that make a child ready bait for bullying.

  • Find out about the most fertile classroom conditions that help to create a climate for bullying 

  • Discover the most important reasons for the present upsurge in bullying

  • Find out what you can do to address the problem of bullying at your school

and much more....

It's essential for parents and teachers to learn as much as possible about bullying before irrevocable damage is done.

The ability to discover these things from handwriting is a skill that you can easily acquire - and what's more, it's a permanent asset.

Forget about that feeling of desperation that overwhelms you when you are powerless to draw information out of your child.

Rather help your child to relax and concentrate on the rich school life he or she deserves without having to worry about when the next round of bullying will surface.

With the help of "School Bullying" you won't need any previous knowledge of handwriting analysis. It's quick to understand and easy to apply.

This manual of information about school bullying and  handwriting is the first of its kind. There is no other like it anywhere.

Access it now and arm yourself against those mini playground terrorists.  You’ll find it to be one of the most valuable purchases you have ever made.School Bullying

The price of "School Bullying" has been set at a mere $19.95. But don’t let the low cost deceive you. Don't underestimate the power of this valuable ebook just because it's inexpensive. It contains special, unique information that you won’t find anywhere else.





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