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The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

Creating the Portrait

The Mark of Genius

Relationship Secrets

School Bullying


Learn handwriting analysis with online courses and e-books

Learn Handwriting Analysis!


Learn Handwriting Analysis and gain a  powerful tool that will help you  make a difference to people's lives


Handwriting analysis is a powerful tool that can help you make a difference to your own and many other people’s lives.

The study itself is so exciting and stimulating that it hardly seems like work at all. It deals with fascinating material such as finding out how the mind works and learning how to understand people's behaviour.

Many people study handwriting analysis with a view to turning it into a rewarding hobby or career. They are rarely disappointed because the study is never boring! But over and above that, you will find that the actual learning process gives you enormous satisfaction on a personal level.

Not only will it give you a new and deeper understanding of yourself but you will be able to help others too.

How you can make a difference with handwriting analysis

By showing people how to understand themselves and their loved ones you'll be helping them in a very special and unique way. You'll be helping them to find solutions to some of their most pressing personal issues. 

By pointing out their strengths, you'll help them to build their confidence and self-esteem. And by pointing out their weaknesses you'll be showing them the obstacles that are holding them back. 

It's no exaggeration to say that you'll be able to help them understand the fears and insecurities that prevent them from achieving their dreams.

Where they feel discouraged you will be able to inspire; and where they feel worthless you will be able to give hope and encouragement.

These are some of the objectives that the handwriting analyst aspires to. Of course they cannot be achieved overnight, but they are worthy goals to aim for.


A career or hobby in handwriting analysis

If you find people interesting and love working with them; if you would like to be involved with a caring career or hobby; if you enjoy learning about human nature and finding out more about human behaviour; and if you are fascinated by what makes people tick;

then handwriting analysis is exactly what you are looking for.


If these things tie in with your interests, do yourself a favour and explore The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

 .  You'll find it one of the most effective yet reasonably priced handwriting analysis courses on the internet.


Here is just one of the many comments about it:


Fascinating awesome and incredible, so accurate!!!!

Dear Sandra

I am like a boy with a new toy.

I am currently working through the 1st book and I have small samples of handwriting from people who have given their permission for me to analyze.

The results thus far are astounding to say the least.

Sandra this is amazing as I am channeling into all sorts of different directions by following the course.

It is as if somehow a window has opened in my soul.

Thank you once again

Brian Faul

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