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The Woman with the Amazing Memory.

Her secret revealed


Here is the fascinating story of Jill Price, the woman with the amazing memory.

Her secret story was locked in the annals of scientific research at the University of California, Irvine for 8 years. Until she agreed to reveal the details. And then the scientific world and the media went wild.

Encapsulated in the unique handwriting sample below is the private history, the unusual personality and the dreams and revelations of Jill Price, the woman with the perfect memory. 

As Jill herself said when she was interviewed by Diane Sawyer on ABC News; hers is an autobiographical memory. 

This means that she remembers things in relation to her own life.  She reveals that she was not great at school and that memorizing a poem for example, would be excruciating for her. Everything she remembers is related to something that went on in her life.

Scientists at the University of California, Irvine had studied her in secret for 8 years before the story finally broke in a newspaper story that appeared in 2006. Since then, she was interviewed by Oprah and she has written a book about her amazing memory. 

Jill, who is 43, spent most of her life in Los Angeles where she works as a school administrator. She lives with her parents because she is a collector of personal memorabilia that she canít bear to part with.  She suffers from separation anxiety to the extent that a move away from her family home would involve too much for her to bear.

Jillís memory is based on her own personal history.  So much so, that her memory of events that are not linked in some way to her personal history are not spectacular.

Letís take a look at her handwriting.

Jill has chronicled her life in a journal that contains page upon page of her very strange handwriting set up in columns like a newspaper. The excerpt here is reproduced from one of these columns.

The immediate impression we gain is one of extreme crowdedness. Crowdedness to the point of extreme obsession and this I think, is the key to everything.  Her mind is so crowded with events of her personal life that she is indeed obsessed with it. The phrase obsessive-compulsive disorder comes to mind. She remembers so much about herself because she thinks constantly about herself and her past in an obsessive way.

In the handwriting sample, spacing is non-existent; lines are so crooked that they too donít seem to exist. 

Everything appears to be chaotic Ė and yet when you enlarge the picture and follow the words, there is a strange sort of rhythm that seems to follow through. 

Look carefully and you will see that the lines are in fact quite straight Ė only the words bob up and down within them.

In short, Jill seems to dance to her own tune.  Her handwriting does not follow the norms of communication because there is no desire to communicate.  Itís all about personal reflection.

In some ways it reminds us of the handwriting of Leonardo Da Vinci who used mirror writing to avoid being read by those who were merely curious.

Much of Jillís handwriting when magnified appears to be highly individualized Ė and this is one of the marks of high intelligence. Angular and rounded connections abound without any obvious pattern. There are shortcuts and there are words that are completely connected with one another:

This is a handwriting sample to beat all handwriting samples.  It would take many hours of study to try to pin down the personality behind it.

Anyone game for the challenge?

Here is Jill Price's amazing handwriting:



Picture from Wired Magazine: Issue 17.04



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