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Walter Hegar's Graphology System

How to analyze handwriting with a fascinating system of graphology developed by Walter Hegar

The 16 Personality Descriptions of Hegar

Walter Hegarís original system of graphology was based on a study of lines and curves and consisted of four elements.  We can see them quite clearly in any handwriting .

The 4 elements are: Heavy, Precise, Straight and Rapid.

The various combinations of these strokes resulted in 16 types which he felt were the only reliable descriptions of personality

Heavy - this had to do with the Pressure of the stroke.  It was either heavy or light. A heavy stroke meant energy and decisiveness while a light stroke represented a more sensitive personality

Precise - The quality of the stroke Ė which was seen as precise or pasty.  A precise stroke referred to the line of writing which was clean cut.  A pasty stroke looked as if it were painted by a brush or had edges that were a little blurred or hazy. Precise handwriting showed an intellectual and decisive type of person; while a pasty writing showed a more pleasure loving individual.

Straight - Movement of the stroke - that is to say whether the stroke appeared to be straight or curved.  A straight stroke implied rigidity while a curved stroke reflected a softer and more malleable personality

Rapid - The Speed of writingĖ whether the writing was executed rapidly or slowly.  Rapid writing reflected dynamism while slow writing meant deliberation and caution.


Now the various combinations of these 4 factors led to 8 and then 16 different personality types.

For example, a heavy plus precise stroke showed a hard individual.  The degree could determine hardness to the point of cruelty.

Curved + slow revealed a gentle, relaxed and friendly personality.

Bear in mind that this is an extremely simplified and watered down version of Hegarís system and it certainly does not do him justice.  But once you have the basics like this it is easier to understand how he managed to describe personality.




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