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Find out about having your handwriting analysed here

Handwriting Analyses Services

How to have your Handwriting Analyzed

How to submit your handwriting for analysis

  1. Your handwriting sample to be submitted for analysis should be 1-2 pages long on unlined paper. Use one side of the paper only.

  2. A good ball-point or fountain pen should be used with the type of point that you always prefer. Do not use a felt-tipped pen, fine-liner or pencil.

  3. Write naturally and spontaneously about anything that interests you. An informal letter will be best. Then end with your usual signature. Please remember that writing should not be dictated or copied.

  4. Send your handwriting sample to Graphic Insight. The necessary details will be supplied to you immediately on completion of your order.

Please choose one of the following personality reports.


The Standard Personality Profile will give you insight into your confidence, self-esteem and ability to assert yourself - areas that have an important influence on your success and personal achievement.

The report will show how you relate to people and will explain your temperament, moods and emotions.

It will point out dominant areas of your personality so that you know where your main strengths lie.

It will also comment on weaker areas of your personality that could do with some additional attention.

Creativity or originality will be pointed out where present.

Other aspects that are unique to your personality will also be described.




An In-depth Analysis covers all the areas of the Standard Personality Profile but it describes your personality with greater depth and explains it in greater detail.

It examines areas such as your self-image, the way you handle your inter-personal relationships, and your attitude to your goals and ambitions.

It looks at your success drive and those special aspects of your personality that help you to achieve. It covers your aptitudes, and capabilities.

It also looks at any inner obstacles that you may have unwittingly set up to block your achievement such as conflicts, tensions and character weaknesses. It shows you what methods you use when dealing with your problems.

This is a detailed and valuable document that will lead you to a greater depth of personal understanding. It is for those who require a fuller study of what makes them tick.



This is a report for anyone wishing to explore the dynamics of a relationship.

This report analyzes the handwritings of any two people to reveal the strengths and weakness of each character independently. The handwritings of these two individuals are then compared and evaluated for compatibility as well as for areas of possible conflict.

This is particularly valuable where relationships are showing strain as many unrecognized problem areas can be identified in this way. Helpful in personal relationships, marriages or engagements.

It is also helpful for checking compatibility between employers and employees, to evaluate compatibility in business partnerships and in all other relationships where communication between people is important.


Are you hoping to find that perfect career? Or are you thinking of changing your present career and wondering how to get out of that rut?

Either way, your career takes up so much of your time and energy - it should be spent happily and productively.

Obviously you want your career to be stimulating and rewarding. But choosing the right one isnít always easy.

A fulfilling career is based on the correct fit between your job and the unique blend of elements in your personality.

There is only one way to be sure that you are on the right path when making such an important choice. You have to understand yourself!

This may sound trite but most people donít know where to begin. For example, do you know what your most important personality features are? Have you any idea what your secondary personality traits are? Most of us donít!

In order to be valuable, career advice should be based on two essential aspects: your personality and your interests.

Because handwriting analysis tells us so much about you as an individual, we use it to give us an objective understanding of your personality. This is pivotal.

But we also have to evaluate your aptitudes, interests and personal values. To do this we use a career-based questionnaire that will effectively help you to sort out your interests and priorities.

The critical part of the whole system rests on the next vital step which involves the correlation of both these surveys.

This twin system is actually quite powerful. You will discover this for yourself when you begin to see your direction unfold.




Divorced, retiring, changing jobs or thinking of a new career? These life-changing events can be daunting.  Because we know they will have far-reaching repercussions.

There is something inevitable and almost scary about arriving at the crossroads.  You are forced to make a choice.

You know that the right path could lead to exciting new developments and an opportunity for growth.  But how can you know what is right for you?

By taking a reality check.  For example, do you have a realistic assessment of your power field?  Or do you recognize the things that make you hit a dead end?

When you understand these things about yourself you will be in a strong position to face your challenges. Because knowledge gives you power. It takes away the guesswork.

An analysis of your handwriting will give you an objective assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and a realistic appreciation of your true potential.

The crossroads analysis has been designed to transfer the base of power into your own hands. So that when you have to make those landmark decisions you are ready and armed.

So reaching the crossroads can really be an opportunity to understand what you are all about.  An opportunity to discover the power within you. And lets face it.  If you hadn't been at the crossroads Ė would you ever have reached this realization?  

This could be a valuable turning point for you.  


To discuss these options about having your handwriting analyzed, or if you would like to discuss any other details about the analysis you require, contact me at




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