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The Hall of Nasties

Stalin's Personality

Stalin's Character and Personality as seen through his handwriting


Stalin was not a nice man! Take one look at his handwriting below and you will be able to see for yourself!

Although the sample is written in Russian, the meaning of the graphic expression is quite clear.

There is a rough coarseness about the handwriting. And you don't need to know a word of Russian in order to recognize his tempestuous nature.

Immediately we are alerted to his explosive temper.

The heavy dark pressure of the strokes, the emphatic and excessive use of underlining in several words, the many aggressive angular formations of the lower zone and other places, as well as noticeable variations of pressure all attest to his obsessive temperament and desire to dominate and coerce.

He is not just controlling - in his drive for power he is also forceful and tyrannical. He is moody and temperamental and without feeling for others.


Here is his handwriting:




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