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Elizabeth Fritzl

A Sample of Elizabeth Fritzl's handwriting



Here is a short excerpt of Elizabeth's Fritzl's Handwriting written before she endured the extended trauma of over 24 years of imprisonment and abuse by her father.

Clearly the marks of acute suffering from her later imprisonment are not yet in the writing but there are already signs of distress - undoubtedly due to the fact that she was already in a tragic and untenable position. The abuse had already started when she was a young girl of 11.

Take a look at her early handwriting:

Sample from Bild at


Note the soft roundedness of the handwriting which indicates a very malleable and submissive disposition. Temperamentally she was unable to fight back or resist.

But the writing is also restricted which shows that her personality was not given the  opportunity to branch out and grow.

The lower zones of her letters are feeble and truncated which suggest that at this stage she was already suffering from abuse which she felt powerless to avoid.

Where we should be seeing lower zone loops, we see instead, backward arches - these are particularly noticeable in the "g's"

Although the handwriting as a whole shows an inability to resist, there are several straight lead-in strokes particularly before the "s's" which show her growing resentment.

Also, the lines are close together indicating the lack of space in her life. She was already overwhelmed by the many burdens that oppressed her.

The lines droop as they approach the right margin - a clear sign of emotional depression.





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