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Walter Hegar- Graphologist

Walter Hegar and his original approach to Graphology


Although Walter Hegar made an important contribution to graphology, very little has been written about him in the English speaking world.

We know that he fled the Nazi Regime in the 1930’s and went to France where he wrote “Graphologie par le trait” or Graphology through the stroke.

In it he explained his own, original methods based purely on the appearance of the lines and curves in handwriting. 

Hegar’s theories conflicted with many graphological theories of the time, particularly with those of Klages – a German graphologist who adhered strictly to his caste-like system of formlevel which, incidentally, was favourably regarded by the Nazi regime. 

At any rate, Hegar’s theories introduced a completely new approach to graphology.

Although he dealt mainly with the study of lines and curves his system is not identical to the trait stroke methods favoured by many graphologists today. 

When seen in the correct context it cannot be denied that there is a great deal of plain, common sense in Hegar's theories.

Unfortunately his system has a somewhat limited approach - there is much more to graphology than lines and curves.

But it does provide a remarkably neat and simple structure for the understanding of handwriting. And it's also quite fascinating!

On the following page you will find a short explanation of “Hegar's System of Graphology



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