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Get the best relationship advice
from your own handwriting

Get spot on advice about any of your relationships.

This unique system will help you uncover amazing information about any relationship


Relationship advice that is uniquely suited to your own circumstances is hard to come by. It usually involves therapists and counseling of various types.  Of course these all have their place and in some circumstances are absolutely essential. 

But if you want low-key do-it-yourself type of help, you can't do better than get the advice you need from a  survey of handwriting - a compatibility survey.

Your own compatibility survey

Now the advantage of going the handwriting analysis route is that you can learn to do your own compatibility assessment quietly in the comfort of your home, all by yourself.  And once you have the knowledge, you have it forever. 

You can use it for your own purposes to look into your own relationships or you can advise your family and friends about their relationships - if they ask for it.  Clearly, it would be wise to keep information of this nature to yourself at all times - unless you are specifically asked for help.

Helping people to sort out their relationship problems is valuable and rewarding.  But it can present you with a minefield of difficulties if you don't have the right know-how.  

This is where Relationship Secrets in Handwriting comes to the rescue.

 "Relationship Secrets in Handwriting"  is an illustrated step-by step guidebook that will show you how to identify the problem areas in any relationship - your own included

It will show you how to make use of a personality checklist with each handwriting - which is invaluable because it will help you to compare the personalities concerned in a systematic and logical way.  

The many useful ideas, tips and handy techniques in the book will soon help you to produce an expert and insightful compatibility assessment. 

Not only will you find the process easy; you'll find it absolutely fascinating!

All the steps are simplified so effectively that you'll be able to make use of this valuable information very quickly.  

Here are just a few of the things you will learn in "Relationship Secrets"

How to discover your own personality type as well as that of your partner.

How to check for signs in both handwritings that could point to conflict 

How to find areas in your relationship where friction could flare up in the future. 

How to find out what methods and techniques you use for coping with your problems because these will have an important impact on your relationship.

Discover the implications of what it really means to go for your opposite in temperament and personality

How low self-esteem in either you or your partner can ruin your relationship

How to identify and understand the different degrees of emotional intensity in your handwriting and in the handwriting of your partner.

How the way in which you manage your emotions will have a positive or negative impact on your relationship

Widely different energy levels can put a strain on your relationship. Find out how to check your handwriting to see if you and your partner have similar mental and physical energy levels.

Different degrees of sensuality have an important effect on a relationship too.  Find out how to check for this in your handwriting.

and much more.....


The best relationship advice is always based on a genuine understanding of the individuals concerned.

 "Relationship Secrets in Handwriting"  will give you all that understanding as well as the insight you need for managing your relationships.  

And it works wonders - not only with romantic relationships - it also works with relationships involving family, friends, business partners and so on. Relationship Secrets

If you follow the steps clearly set out in the book you'll soon be able to discover the most revealing details about your own or any other relationship.  

You'll find it exciting and completely fascinating because it will open up an entirely new way of thinking for you and give original solutions to your relationship problems.

You'll get genuine and valuable information from this book.   You'll get access to the very best type of relationship advice based on clearly observable evidence. You'll be able to see it clearly for yourself.





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