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Pablo Picasso - A Portrait of his Personality from a sample of his handwriting


The first thing we notice in Picasso's handwriting is the emotional volatility. Picasso was emotional dynamite and there is evidence of a somewhat manic quality.

The sample below reflects clearly how he felt at the time of writing -irritable, angry and dictatorial. The sharp choppiness, the angles and distortions all add thrust to the total picture.

A sample of Picasso's handwriting

In his handwriting we can see the almost chaotic variations of slant, wild disorder and a complete disregard of the conventions of handwriting.

Contorted words surrender most of their legibility to the authority of his dynamic will. Great waves of unruly passion stir in the depths of the darker strokes.

His mood is volatile, angry and brooding. Note how the word "mort" or death, is larger than all the other words. It shows frustration and anger amidst the chaos and creativity

Picasso formed his letters as he wielded his paintbrush - with a confident type of independence. He rejected every vestige of conventionality.

The movement in his handwriting is free and unconstrained, while the actual structures show innovation and originality.

Picasso’s imagination has free rein; improvisation rules, and reality is bent and contorted to his will.

But not only is there emotional fire in this handwriting; a fire that feeds the furnace of his creativity - there is also brilliance of mind.

We see this in the angles and sharp points, in the reduction of the forms to their skeletal simplicity, and in the obvious impatience with the letter formations themselves as if they were merely ineffectual vehicles for his racing thoughts.

Imaginative, original and wildly creative, Picasso was a law unto himself. His handwriting shows it.


This is a Brief Excerpt from The Mark of Genius



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